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Accelerated Materials Design

Develop better materials, faster through advanced simulations

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Sunday, April 11, 2021 - 19:00

SCM enables researchers to more quickly develop better molecules, materials, and chemical processes. Through advanced computational chemistry and materials modeling software focus on the most promising candidate materials and process conditions for the next generation of batteries, solar cells, catalysts ,and other materials which will drive the energy transition.


Reduced R&D costs
Shorter development time
Less wasteful experiments
Prioritize most relevant experiments and promising candidate materials
Find novel molecule & material candidates in silico
It will not replace experiments
Certain properties tough to predict through modeling


Modelling Computational chemistry, materials modeling, and fluid thermodynamics.
Machine learning Machine learned potentials and QSPR predictive models.
Collaboration Co-created new functionality, e.g. multi-scale catalytic process optimization.
Prediction Molecular, materials, and solvent mixture properties.
Simulation tools Atomistic modeling
Optimization Reduce R&D time and costs through advanced modeling.
Data Analysis Advanced analytics for material properties optimization.

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

About SCM

With a passion for science, SCM has been developing computational chemistry software for many decades. Collaborating with researchers worldwide, SCM is committed to producing high-quality and user-friendly tools for understanding and predicting molecules, materials, and chemical processes. We strive to enable researchers to excel in their expertise, driving innovation for the next generation of materials and processes through insight at the atomistic level. Helping researchers to develop better materials, quicker.