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Adjustable Modular Lifting Frame

Make fast adjustment of rigging possible and install multiple modules per day

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - 15:49

Lifting of modularized loads such as “pipe-racks / industrial plant modules” with variation in length, weight and shift of C.O.G. with conventional rigging is costly due off-site engineering and on-site time in setting-up the correct rigging configuration. The AMLF160 makes fast adjustment of rigging possible, which may allow installation of multiple modules per day.

The width of the frame is 4m and can be increased to a maximum width of 7m. The CoG compensation system with the adjustability in longitudinal and transversal direction, increases the versatility of the frame, thus making it usable in a wider range than conventional rigging.


Fast adjustment of rigging
COG compensation
Efficient installation of modules
Multitude of lifting points
Max. capacity 160 ton
Max. 7 m width


Capacity Max. capacity of 160 Ton / 320.000 lbs with max. sling load of 30 Ton / 60.000 lbs per sling.
Dimension Frame length 33 m / 108 ft. | Frame width 4-7m ( increments of 150mm).
Speed Install multiple modules per day. | Fast adjustment of rigging (lower project cost).
Transportation Transportable in 40’ OT container.
Lifting Max. 14 adjustable lifting points.
Structure Can be used in gantry constructions as well.

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