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3D visualisation software that efficiently creates digital twins of assets

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April 11 2024

Asset Builder is web-based 3D visualisation software that efficiently creates digital twins of assets. By using predesigned components that click together in an intuitive way, Asset Builder transforms 3D modelling into a quick and easy process.  Asset Builder eliminates the need for large CAD files to be transferred or downloaded.  The 3D models are directly compatible with PDFs, PowerPoint, Word document, making reporting into a more streamlined process. With the ability to access 3D models anywhere from your browser, you will reduce risk, save time, increase productivity and be more cost-efficient.

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Pros & Limitations
Extremely user-friendly, by simply clicking parts together
3D models of assets can be made within minutes
Intuitive user interface that uses predesigned components for asset assembly
3D assets created right in your browser
Files are saved in the cloud, accessible from anywhere
Once a model is saved, it can be edited, shared and exported
Compatible with PDF, PowerPoint and Word documents
Limited asset classes available
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Maintenance and inspection work.
Create, customize, store and export your 3D assets.
Compatible with PDF, Powerpoint and Word.
€950,- per year per single user.
Pro-actively digitalise your assets to keep up with digitalisation of the oil and gas industry.
Store asset measurements in the cloud.
Export your asset to be used in reports, 3D PDFs, PowerPoint, and engineering design programs.
Pre-designed components for ease of use.

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