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Bringing wind power to a higher level

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April 11 2024

We develop the future generation of wind energy systems. Kitepower systems, also known as airborne wind energy systems, take only the best out of wind turbines and literally bring wind power to a higher level.

Unlike conventional wind turbines, a Kitepower system does not require resource-intensive towers or heavy foundations and is thus easy to transport and deploy.

Pros & Limitations
Kites operate dynamically to reach the strong and persistent winds at higher altitudes
Yearly energy yield of conventional wind turbines has the potential to be more than doubled
Wing design is low-cost and can easily be upgraded with time
Takes only the best out of wind turbines
400m (radius) area free from obstacles required
Specification Title Specification Description
Cost Reduction
Levelised costs of energy are potentially less than 1/4 compared to wind turbines.
No tower, no blades. Kitepower systems use 90% less material than standard wind turbines. | Contrarily to conventional wind turbines, Kitepower systems do not require heavy foundations.
The system fits a 20ft ISO container which makes it extremely easy to be shipped anywhere you want.
More environmentally friendly than other renewables. | Kite flies at higher altitudes which makes the system silent and almost invisible.
Kitepower systems start generating power at lower wind speeds than the ones required by conventional wind turbines. | Kitepower taps into higher winds which are stronger and more consistent.
70 - 450 m
Nominal: 100 kW | Peak: 180 kW | Yearly output: 450 MWh/y

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We envision a world where renewable electricity is affordable for everyone. At Kitepower, we develop the future generation of wind energy systems.

The versatility of Kitepower is able to open up new geographical markets for the generation of wind energy and majorly contribute to the global energy transition to renewables.

The 100kW system currently in development is ideally suited to replace diesel generator sets in remote locations to save costs and mitigate dependency on polluting and expensive diesel supply.

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