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Robustly colorful solar panels for facades

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April 11 2024

ColorBlast offers thousands of colors that are scratch-proof and colorfast for a period of more than 50 years. A digitally printed, hexagonal pattern becomes a homogenous color from a distance and completely hides the solar cells beneath. The color palette contains a broad range of natural and muted colors, but is somewhat limited in vibrancy. ColorBlast also enables us to match desired colors accurately, provided that they are feasible.

ColorBlast’s power range is heavily dependent on the chosen colors. In general, darker and more muted colors will have a higher power than bright or vibrant colors. ColorBlast solar panels are opaque. Within the available palette, we have already developed more than 4000 colors and provide a free color matching service to help you find the best color for your project.

ColorBlast Design empowers you to combine the thousands of colors we offer in order to portray colorful designs, images and patterns on your unique solar application. Multi-colored solar panels may carry a large risk of mismatch in the solar cells. Luckily for you, we have developed a software that allows us to translate your images into a completely mismatch-free design and to give you a realistic impression of the end-result.

Pros & Limitations
Medium-high power
Solar cells are not visible
Free design translation software
4000+ colors available
Close up, pixels are clearly visible but they melt together from distance
Specification Title Specification Description
110 - 170 Wp/m2
Glass/Glass: 30+ years | Glass/Backsheet: ~25 years
Hexagon pattern uniform from ~5 meters
Customisation in Design
Custom size and shape | Flat or structured glass | Inks on inside or outside of glass
Colour Availability
Choose from 4000+ colours | Matte, fixed colours


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When technology becomes beautiful, it becomes desirable. We believe that if we can innovate solar technology to suit the desires of an architect, a product designer, an artist, or a building owner, then mankind will embrace solar energy on a wider scale than ever before. We make solar beautiful. Kameleon Solar manufactures and designs custom solar solutions for the urban environment and provides architects, designers, and building owners with numerous options for color and freedom of design. This way, we hope to contribute to a more sustainable and beautiful future.

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