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Increased reliability of cooling water systems at lower OPEX

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The site-specific biocide dosing solution, 'Ecodosing', targets biofouling in once-through and open recirculation cooling water systems and prevents both macrofouling (shells) and microfouling (biofilms). The Ecodosing solution is delivered in combination with a monitoring system that can detect the onset of biofouling in an early stage and with high accuracy. The total solution will maintain the integrity of the cooling water system, thereby significantly increasing the uptime of the oil & gas processes it supports, while lowering the OPEX related to biocide dosing.

The solution has been successfully implemented since 1998 mostly in Europe and the Middle East with clients in the oil & gas industry, power industry, and desalination industry. Operators that have deployed the technology have seen reductions in cooling water system leak frequencies as high as from 20/yr to zero/yr. 

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Pros & Limitations
Estimated increase in system reliability (uptime): 10-30%
Reduced biocide use by 30-60%, leading to OPEX cost reductions of >€250k/year
Acknowledged by the EU and RSB (Abu Dhabi) as Best Available Technique
Average pay-back time of the investment: 3 months to 1 year
Environmental benefits in terms of energy consumption and discharge water quality
Reduced CO2 emissions (1.000 kton - 5.000 kton per year)
1-3 months study required to understand seasonal variability of the biological content of the local surface water
Specification Title Specification Description
The solution is based on accurate site-specific conditions like species and seasonal changes.
Areas of Application
Industrial cooling water systems.
Reduced biofouling leads to higher production capacity (debottlenecking).
The solution is developed in collaboration with site staff, chemical suppliers and local experts.
Increased system reliability (uptime): 10-30%.
Implementation time
Implementation can be within 3 months.
The biomonitors provide real-time insight in the effectiveness of the (current) dosing method.
Reduce maintenance as cooling water system stays clean (extended inspection intervals).
OPEX can be significantly reduced (€500k per year - €1M per day).
Return on Investment
The average payback time of the ecodosing solution is 3 months – 1 year.

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H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. provides proven techniques based on a combination of innovative technologies with a scientifically proven background and practical experience. Providing you with effective biofouling control procedures resulting in economic and environmental benefits.

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