EnerTwin micro-turbine CHP

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Micro-turbine based CHP for renovation of older and historic buildings

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April 11 2024

The EnerTwin is a cleantech product developed to produce comfortable heat and green power in domestic and light commercial environments. Due to its plug&play design it is extremely suitable for replacement of existing heating equipment in older buildings and refurbishment projects in historic buildings.

The EnerTwin runs on natural gas, LPG, biomethane and hydrogen mixes and thereby facilitates the energy-transition to a low-carbon future in buildings. In the coming years the EnerTwin micro-turbine technology is expected to be certified for 100% hydrogen grids.

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Pros & Limitations
indoor cheap electric power generation as a byproduct of the heatgeneration
high temperature (80 degrees Celcius) local heat production for hot water and heating system
plug and play set up replacing condensing boiler without alterations to the building and installation
silent operation due to micro-turbine
low maintenance cost and high efficiency make it an economical alternative to traditional heating-systems and heatpumps
prevents structural changes to older and historic buildings
Investment cost are initialy somewhat higher than existing technologies though with better ROI
Specification Title Specification Description
CO₂ Emission Reduction
Reduces CO₂ emissions by 6 to 12 tons per year by preventing losses in the electricity grid
Low Maintenance
Only requires maintenance every 1.5 to 2 years
VDE-AR-N-4105 | VDE 0126 | G83 | EN50438 | C10
Works with all kinds of fuel mixtures such as regular natural gas, biogas and LPG up to and including hydrogen
Can be installed plug & play | Does not need any structural work,


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The EnerTwin has been developed by Micro Turbine Technology (MTT). During the development, MTT has worked in close cooperation with several established research institutes, industrial suppliers and energy companies. This collaboration has ensured that the EnerTwin has become a very reliable and safe product that meets all modern requirements for the decentralised generation of heat and electricity.

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