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FuelVision 365

The all-in-one ERP solution for the oil, gas and bunkering industry

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - 15:49

Thanks to FuelVision 365, you can have a user-friendly instrument in your hands, so that you can react quickly and efficiently to the most recent state of affairs. FuelVision 365 is a customizable software solution, designed by and for professionals of the oil and gas industry, including oil trading, bunkering, gas stations, services, and lubricant oil trading.

With FuelVision 365 you will be able to connect your business processes, improve interaction with your customers and make the right decisions.


All in one ERP solution
FuelVision 365 is a custom made solution. Further customizations are hardly needed
User-friendly because of the familiar Microsoft user interface
Fuelvision 365 enables you to react quickly and efficiently to the most recent state of affairs
The implementation is done by highly experienced consultants who understand your business
Retail of consumer goods is outside the scope of FuelVision 365, we do set up interfaces with these POS systems in shops


Automation Save time with automatical calculations (according to contracts). With automation you can save on labor and postage costs by e-mailing hundreds of invoices by pushing a single button.
Business Efficiency Today, with Microsoft technologies in place, traders can access realtime data about a specific port to create visualizations with pricing, volume, market conditions, and product distribution insights.
Digitisation Simply stated, FuelVision 365 is a digital hole-in-one. Once a tanker has bunked and the skipper has signed off, he scans the BDN. The main office is then immediately informed, linking the scan to the corresponding sales order and file.
Database FuelVision 365 provides a comprehensive overview. All the important documents can be found in the digital file, including sales invoices, purchase orders, bunker delivery notes (BDN) and price agreements. Any information regarding a deal is made available
Monitoring Complete excise registration is possible in FuelVision 365: you can always monitor where your product is, where it was purchased, and to which seagoing ships or competitors you sold it. Additionally, you can also see which suppliers or competitors have.
Data Analysis Thanks to its clear dashboard, it is easy to connect data and draw conclusions. It supports you in management, underpins decisions, and makes the right choices visible in an intelligent way.
Reporting You can analyse your margin with ease, compare the sales to the prognosis, make your own (excise) reports, and discover trends and relationships.
Compatibility FuelVision 365 is compatible with many different accounting systems, including SQL Reporting Services, ExSION and, of course, Excel.

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