Gas (Hydrogen) Booster Compressor

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A flexible compression solution using a screw compressor with less (gas) vibrations and lower maintenance costs

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April 11 2024

Eltacon supplies gas compressor packages in a wide range of alternative executions, all based on oil-injected twin rotary screw compressors. The choice for this type is based on the better economics and the higher compression ratio of the oil-injected screw compared to other type compressors. Especially developed for gas fired power plants, the units are suitable for Hydrogen compression as well. The units can be supplied with an integrated package control room, air-cooled cooling water systems as well as a fire-fighting system.

Pros & Limitations
Highly flexible solution, suitable for fluctuating inlet pressures and varying outputs due to variable compression ratios
Low vibration and wear of rotating parts compared to other technologies, increasing the availability to 99,5% per year
Skid mounted units with a robust design for a single lift, turn-key solution
Flexible and fast capacity regulation, even down to no-load without additional cooling requirements or venting facilities
Automatic safety system and integrated unit control
Over 150 units installed world wide with 3 decades of experience
World wide certifications, including CE marking, ASME code stamp, API, EAC etc.
Less maintenance and lower OPEX costs
Suitable for all ambient conditions, even for desert application and off-shore facilities
Oil carry-over to the downstream system less than 0,5ppmw suitable for gas turbine operation
Compression limit to 60 bar at the outlet
Specification Title Specification Description
Worldwide maintenance contracts and spare part deliveries are available
Operating conditions
Gas inlet pressure from 1 to 40 bar, outlet pressure up to 60 bar
Starting from 90 kW up to 5 MW installed power
Areas of application
Gas fired power plants, renewable energies, off-gas or vent-gas platforms
Customer Focus
From modular design to project based requirements
Highly suitable for GT operation, from natural gas to hydrogen
CE/PED | NEN-EN1012-3 | DVGW497 | API619 | API614 | ASME VIII | ASME B31.3 | EN13445 | EN13480 | EAC | TRCU032 | TRCU010 | ATEX | IECEx
Asset Life extension
Suitable for Wellhead Compression from 1,1 bar up to 15 bar.
<0,5 bar/s downstream gas fluctuations
Actual "swept" volume upstream the compressor up to 6.000 am3/h


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Eltacon is specialised in the treatment & transportation of gasses and oil related fluids for various applications for over 3 decades. By combining our skills and knowledge of processes, mechanical and electrical applications, we deliver products and services for the international industry. We have special capabilities in design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery and commissioning.

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