HBr Flow Batteries

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Electricity Storage at an unrivalled cost level

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April 11 2024

The choice for hydrogen and bromine is purely driven by Elestor’s mission to build a storage system with the lowest possible storage costs per kWh. While taking full advantage of the typical flow battery features, this mission cannot be accomplished without an inexpensive chemistry.

Hydrogen and bromine are abundantly available on a global scale. The supply is not restricted to geographical availability, and cannot be dominated by a small group of suppliers (unlike Lithium, Cobalt and Vanadium).

The above factors add up to very low-priced active materials. Not only for today, but for decades to come, when large volumes are required for high volume production of hydrogen bromine flow batteries.

Another advantage of selecting hydrogen and bromine is that these enable a high power density [W/m2] as well as a high energy density [kWh/m3], both contributing to the reduction of storage costs per kWh.

Pros & Limitations
While (dis)charging, the active materials are only used, not consumed
Only the chemical composition of the electrolyte reservoir and the pressure of the hydrogen tank changes during the (dis)charge process
Elestor’s storage systems are 100% self-contained, and nothing goes in our out… except electricity!
The system does not require a H2 compressor to generate pressure during charging
The stacks are easy to manufacture and already in the design phase, high production volumes are anticipated
Heat generated during the charge and discharge processes due to efficiency losses, can easily be made available for other purposes
Not suitable for the mobile and maritime sectors
Specification Title Specification Description
Since the chemical reaction of Elestor’s storage systems is 100% reversible, its storage capacity [kWh] remains unchanged during the lifetime.
Introduces an LCoS which is 2 to 3 times lower than of the nearest technology.
Hydrogen and bromine enable a high power density [W/m2].
The chemicals remain in the system without the need for human intervention, inherently ruling out risks related to human error if handled improperly.
Hydrogen and bromine enable a high energy density [kWh/m3].


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Elestor’s vision is to enable large scale economical use of self-generated renewable electricity on a 24/7 basis.

Cost-effective electricity storage is often referred to as ‘the missing link’ in the energy transition. Elestor’s mission is to minimize the costs of electricity storage by introducing large scale cost-effective HBr storage technology, thereby unifying the interests of the Planet, the People and business Profitability.

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