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Manage equipment integrity through RBI and advanced corrosion calculations

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April 11 2024

IMS PEI is a cloud-based software for Pressure Equipment Integrity. 

It helps prevent leaks and explosions by improving asset availability through inspection planning. IMS PEI is part of the IMS (Integrity Management Solutions) Suite, a unified set of software solutions for all your equipment types and processes. Cenosco developed the IMS Suite in close collaboration with Shell, the multinational oil and gas leader. Today, IMS PEI has been deployed in 100+ assets, across the globe.


Our solution will help you manage the integrity of multiple pressure and civil equipment types used in asset-heavy industries like manufacturing and upstream businesses. IMS PEI helps you manage equipment integrity by defining 'when' and 'what' to inspect or repair using Shell's RBI methodology and advanced corrosion calculations. It will support you in defining the scope/plan for your schedule and enable you to process thickness readings faster and more accurately than ever before. This ensures that you remain compliant and auditable at all times. 

The inspection intervals set in an RBI plan can be supported and reviewed using data from NII. This ensures that you also meet the requirements of a continuous risk management process. Risk-based inspection (RBI) coupled with your NII (non-intrusive inspection) data helps you improve the integrity outcomes of your pressure equipment, optimize the inspection costs, and ensure you minimize unplanned equipment downtime.

Pros & Limitations
Higher asset availability
Upgrade from time-based to risk-based inspection - never miss an inspection again!
Offline mobile functionality: Ease of carrying out field inspections
Use advanced dashboards to track and highlight priorities in your data
2D and 3D Capabilities: Enhance your inspection data by visualizing it into 2D drawings or 3D models
Insights into bad actors: Use your data to stay ahead of the curve of bad actors and your equipment’s performance
Compliance: Meet compliant regulations through proper condition history.
Shell RBI: A proven methodology that is very practical, easy to apply, and transparent
Effectively analyze and process your wall thickness data and integrate the results with RBI interval factors to get optimum inspection intervals
Team effort is a pre-requisite
Specification Title Specification Description
Certifications / licences
ISO 9001 | Microsoft Gold Partner | SAP Certified
Areas of Application
Refineries, Terminals, Tank farms, Chemical plants, Process facilities, Pulp mills, Pipelines and Wells.
API 580 | Shell RBI Methodology | Auditable Events | W-IMS Platform (RCM, SIFpro)
Data Analysis
The data analysis part (s-IDAP) calculates alternative corrosion rates | Extreme Value Analyses for corrosion calculation | Liquid release calculators | Likelihood of failure calculators | CUI Prioritisation calculator | Bulk data statistical analysis
Access your data anytime and anywhere with this web based solution. Available as shared or dedicated hosting as well as on premises – with state-of-the-art security systems.
Increased productivity with tailor made interfaces to your ERP systems (e.g. SAP, JDE, Maximo).
The enhanced synergy of S-RBI with RCM and SIS Assessments. Qualitative method, but with quantitative parts.
Configurable dashboards, KPIs and reporting features, including 3D visualization.
World class support desk with over 20 years of experience | 3 releases per year, with agile development | Training – onsite and open
Pressured Equipment | Tanks | Flanges | Relief Devices | Civil Structures

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Cenosco is a leading technology solution partner for engineering companies and asset owners, developing tools in the field of asset integrity risk management, health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ), geomatics engineering and statistical analysis.

For over 20 years we have been helping engineering companies to reach their goals.

Cenosco has been involved in many large energy, oil and gas projects across the world – covering mechanical, electrical and civil engineered assets, throughout the whole project lifecycle.

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