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Biogas Upgrading Technology Based on Amine Technology

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April 11 2024

In 2001 we developed the innovative LP Cooab® (Low Pressure CO₂ Absorption) technology based on low-pressure reversible chemical absorption of CO₂. The CO₂ is absorbed in an amine based liquid in an absorber column and is regenerated by adding heat in a stripping column. The special amine composition, with our trade name Cooab® is an essential element in this process.

The heat required for the regeneration can be recovered almost 100% for heat re-use, for instance for heating of the fermenter. LP Cooab® has the lowest methane emission of all available techniques, which makes it the most sustainable system for biogas upgrading as methane causes a more than 21 times higher effect on global warming than CO₂. Because the process operates at almost atmospheric pressure, electricity consumption is also the lowest of the available technologies. With the LP Cooab technology it is possible to reduce the CO₂ level down to ppm level required for liquefaction.

Pros & Limitations
Lowest methane losses (<0,1%)
Low electrical consumption
No product gas losses
High reliability
Low operation and maintenance costs
Fully unattended automatic control
Re-use of CO₂ possible
Reduction of CO₂ down to 50 ppm possible, required for liquefaction
Oxygen level preferred 0,1% max 0.2-0.3% to avoid degradation of Cooab liquid. For higher oxygen level we offer the membrane technology.
Heat required for regeneration Cooab. In case heat can not not be delivered or heat recovery is not required, we offer the membrane technology.
Specification Title Specification Description
CO₂ removal down to 50 ppm possible. | Methane losses < 0,1%.
50-10.000 Nm³/h biogas. | Production of green gas, biomethane, liquified CO₂, liquified biomethane.
Areas of Application
Biogas from WWTP | Digesters | Co fermentation | Gas from gasification
Certification/ Licenses
Pressure Equipment Directive | Machinery Directive | Electrical installations Directive | EMC Directive | Atex guidelines | ATEX zone classification
Meets gas regulations, for example MR Gaswet or GRDF gas specifications gaz B / gaz H.
Automatic control on changing gas capacities and qualities.


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Greenmac has been building knowledge and expertise on upgrading Biogas since 1987. We develop sophisticated technologies for upgrading biogas to biomethane.
Since Greenmac is part of the stable family owned Rootselaargroup, we have the possibility to advise and support our Clients in financing the systems with lease or flexible payment terms. We were the worldwide first to adapt VPSA technology for landfill gas upgrading, and also first with the Low Pressure CO₂ Absorption (LP Cooab®) technology. The membrane upgrading process completes our upgrading portfolio.

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