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Accurate separation modelling in leading process simulators

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June 17 2024

MySep Engine™ gives users of leading process simulators access to MySep separator modelling rigour for vapour-liquid separation, within their dynamic or steady state simulations. This brings much more accurate overall process modelling in applications where carry-over will have significant impact on heat and material balances. 

Carry over of liquids with vapour can have a significant impact accuracy of material and heat balances in process simulations.  The MySep Engine module embeds an accurate representation of gas-liquid separation behaviour inside a dynamic or steady-state process model.  In addition to physically based representation of pressure drop and carry-over performance MySep’s practical warnings indicate where operational limits are exceeded.  

Case studies on production optimalisation, troubleshooting and digitalisation can be found on

Pros & Limitations
Rigorous separation performance predictions in simulators (Hysys®, Unisim®, Symmetry®)
Improved accuracy process simulator
Operating limit warnings of separators in simulator
Overall process design optimisation for new build plants
Debottlenecking / troubleshooting on process systems
Operator Training Systems (OTS)
Missing link in Digital Twins
Does not work with all process simulators yet
Specification Title Specification Description
Used throughout the industry by End-users, operators and contractors
Areas of application
Conceptual design, FEED, Details design and throughout Operation (optimization, capacity increase, troubleshooting)
Process simulators
HYSYS® , UniSim® , DYNSIM® , K-Spice® , Petro-SIM® , Symmetry®
Simulation types
Steady state & Dynamic simulations
Vessel and internals configurations
Horizontal, Vertical, 2-phase, 3-phase. All configurations that can be modelled in MySep Studio
Calculations basis
Actual vessel geometry, inlet piping size and internals details. Vessel inlet process condition. Detailed performance calculations use same methodology as MySep Studio
Calculated data to simulator
Vessel HC liquid carryover rate, vessel water carryover rate, vessel pressure drop
Calculated data in simulator
K-values, Droplet size distributions ,Mist fractions, Carryover rates, Separation efficiencies
Informational warnings on exceeding of alarm liquid levels, inlet momentums, K-values, etc. Critical warnings on exceeding shutdown liquid levels, insufficient drainage head, overloading of drain pipes, etc
Easy pairing of vessels in simulation with vessels in geometry file. Overview of vessel dimensions, internals types, level setpoints, etc of all vessels Display calculated parameters and warnings in strip charts (dynamic simulations)

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MySep Pte Ltd provides software and associated services for process phase separation serving Operators, Engineering Contractors and Separation Equipment Suppliers in Oil & Gas Production, LNG, Gas Processing, Refining and Petro-chemicals.

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