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Separation design and performance simulation software

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MySep Studio offers Design and Performance Simulation for process phase separators.  It applies MySep’s proprietary modelling and correlations to give detailed incremental analysis of gas-liquid and liquid-liquid separation.  You can rapidly size a new separator and analyse its performance characteristics selecting from a range of internals.   Deliverables include a comprehensive report, user-customisable data sheets and to-scale equipment layout sketch.

MySep Studio users are engineers in Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil and Gas.  The software is widely used in Operating companies to evaluate and optimise performance of installed process equipment.   Engineering Contractors and Consultants apply MySep on greenfield and brownfield projects to produce new designs, to debottleneck existing processes and explore revamp options.  MySep is also used in separation equipment suppliers to produce reliable designs that provide their customers assurance of meeting performance. Case studies on production optimalisation, troubleshooting and digitalisation can be found on

Pros & Limitations
Improved separator designs
Large range of internals selection
Reliable performance predictions
Risk mitigation
Bi-directional communication with many process simulators (Hysys®, Unisim®, Petro-sim®, Symmetry®)
Time saving and cost reduction (CAPEX and OPEX)
User friendly
Does not work with all available process simulators yet
Specification Title Specification Description
Used throughout the O&G industy, by End-users, operators, contractors and vendors
Areas of application
Conceptual design, FEED, Detailed design and throughout Operation (monitoring, troubleshooting, capacity increase)
Phase separation
Gas - liquid separation, Liquid - liquid separation, Liquid - sand separation
Automatic vessel sizing
Full automatic sizing of the vessel based on selected equipment and other optional criteria. Automatic vessel weight calculation
Simulator communications
Bi-directional communication with process simulators: Aspen HYSYS®, Petro-SIM®, PRO/II®, UniSim®, Symmetry®
Inlet piping
Droplet size distribution prediction, liquid entrainment fraction and flow rate prediction. Flow regime map and data
Inlet section
Nozzle size, velocity and momentum calculation. Inlet device selection: no inlet device, half pipe, vane type, inlet cyclones
Gravity separation section
Liquid from gas separation calculation, Oil droplet from water separation calculation and Water droplet from oil separation calculation
Demisting section
Demisting device selection & performance predictions: Mesh pad, vane pack and cyclones. Detailed geometrical parameters equipment used in performance calculations.
Design layout
To-scale layout drawing of vessel, nozzles and internals. Selection of different vessel configurations, including Liquid boot & split flow
Pressure drop
Prediction of pressure drop across nozzles, internals and vessel. Prediction and consideration of drainage head in equipment drain pipes
Operating envelope
Generation of graphical charts of a vessel’s operating envelope, Iso-carryover curves, Operating limits
Report generation
Full automatic report generation. Automatic generation or revision of vessel process datasheets
Mysep is utilised in process Digital Twins, enhancing digitalization of the process system. Additional MySep is the perfect tool to prepare a digital library of all the separation assets.

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MySep Pte Ltd provides software and associated services for process phase separation serving Operators, Engineering Contractors and Separation Equipment Suppliers in Oil & Gas Production, LNG, Gas Processing, Refining and Petro-chemicals.

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