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Pipeline Integrity and Budget Optimisation Tool

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Cost savings by smart management of pipeline integrity

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Friday, November 5, 2021 - 16:39

Oil & Gas and Water Pipeline operators benefit from the IRM SPD Pipeline Integrity and Budget Optimisation Tool (PIBOT) by having all pipeline and piping integrity related data well-structured for risk and/or failure forecasting and reporting. Predictive analytics modules are available for in- and external corrosion degradation and mechanical impact to pipelines. The “digital pipeline” shows risk status, key features and integrity impact factors in any Geographic Information System; fast, user friendly and cost effective. Cloud and app based and connects to existing Asset Management Software.

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Allows for benchmarking specific pipeline segments
User friendly
Faster, cheaper and more flexible
New tool with limited track record


Areas of Application Predictive Maintenance, Pipeline integrity and PIMS.
Capabilities Advanced data structuring, pipeline degradation mechanisms (all materials) and risk predictions and data science and tool development.
Certifications / licences We are part of IRM Systems which is ISO 9001 certified.
Compliance In line with international pipeline Codes & Standards (e.g. ASME, API, DNV and NEN-EN).
Connectivity Ability to link to many data sources, including qualitative information from expert interviews or scanning of hardcopy info. APIs to most Asset Management Software and GIS platforms (e.g. ArcGIS).
Engineering rating/qualification Experienced pipeline integrity specialists.
Insight In dynamic risks, pipeline status and integrity impact factors.
Material Pipelines of steel, concrete, GRE, HDPE, PVC, AC etc.
Platform Cloud based (SAAS) and app.
Usability Very user friendly, including custom dashboards.

Relative Business Impact

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About IRM Smart Pipeline Data

IRM Smart Pipeline Data develops software tools for predictive maintenance of ageing pipelines – increasing safety and reliability and reducing costs. We have a unique market position combining in-depth knowledge of ageing pipelines, pipeline risk assessment and engineering with expertise of data science and statistics. We are fully technology independent and part of IRM Systems, specialised in pipeline risk management. Our solutions include data collection and structuring, integrity data analysis and risk forecasting with our algorithms, dynamically visualised in a smart GIS.

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