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qPCR on site Measurement

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Measure microbial problems fast and effective

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Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 08:36

Microbial Analysis offers the on-site implementation of qPCR technology. We guarantee the quality control of your measurements throughout the lifetime of the service regardless of who uses the technology and where.

Our cloud-based software ensures smooth lab operations at field level and enables machine-based learning on the data you generate. Additionally, we provide all reagents needed including access to over 500 different primer sets.

An easy-to-use and cost-effective approach to DNA based technologies.


Turn key implementation
Cloud-based application enables quality checks from anywhere
Measurement hardware can be provided (optionally)
Training of local staff is intrinsic part of the implementation
Subject matter experts can be invited for data evaluation
Includes sampling materials & protocols
Seamless integration with automated liquid handling systems
Minimum duration of a license is 24 months
Economical viable from 250 measurements per year


Areas of Application Corrosion control, bio-monitoring in upstream and downstream facilities.
Certifications / licences ISO27001 proof
Compliance Compliant to NACE TM0212-2016 and SHELL biomonitoring standard. Can be integrated in Pots integrity model.
Connectivity Connects to the cloud system from any place and at any time, allowing experts to support remotely.
Implementation time Technical implementation and training is done in 2 months.
OPEX Avoid difficult sample logistics and lower the costs of biological monitoring, with higher effectiveness.
Repeatability High quality methodology to qPCR with integration of internal quality controls. Includes options for automation through automated liquid handling.
Reporting Generates results within a few hours.

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About Microbial Analysis

The essence of everything we do starts with what is invisible to the eye. Our work consists of unravelling complex microbiological puzzles, which we solve by making the microbial world visible and understandable for our customers. Fortunately, we love puzzles!

We have more than 20 years of experience in diagnosing MIC and souring with DNA based technologies.

The technology we use empowers us to find the necessary pieces of the puzzle. we have developed Integrated LIMS software (Maims) to process data smartly and efficiently to guide the process of DNA based measurements.

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