SAM4 for Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs)

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Monitor electric submersible pumps to reduce deferred production from ESP operated wells

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April 11 2024

ESP failure is a leading cause of deferred production in ESP operated wells. The average electric submersible pump (ESP) runs to failure in just 2-3 years, due to harsh operating conditions. Failure is often unexpected, making it difficult to replace the ESP in a short time frame. What’s more, efforts to prolong ESP run life often center around data from downhole sensors, which can fail themselves due to the harsh conditions down the well. There are three concrete problems that SAM4 looks to solve within the realm of ESPs: 

  1. Non-productive time ranges 16 days to 7 months awaiting ESP replacement
  2. Downhole sensors often fail even before the ESP does, leaving operators blind
  3. Electric submersible pumps mostly fail due to electrical failures

We are able to detect 80% of the most crucial failure modes on ESPs prior to the failure occurring. This enables operators to mobilize a workover rig, arrange for the necessary replacements and schedule a crew to ensure the non-productive time of your wells is as short as possible. 


SAM4 is a plug-and-play condition monitoring solution which install inside the topside motor control cabinet, this enables us to monitor equipment that is situated in the most extreme conditions. Trained AI models provide our customers with insights on the health as well as the energy inefficiency of their assets through our online dashboard. 

Pros & Limitations
Decrease deferred production time through advanced warnings and run life extending insights
Continuous monitoring of ESPs when the downhole sensor fails
Ability to detect electrical failures on ESPs from the surface motor control cabinet
Adresses the 3 biggest contributors to energy waste: Unplanned downtime, inefficient operations, and poor asset selection
Monitors AC motors, transmissions, and driven load based on a single set of sensors from inside the MCC
Highly scalable solution, available for assets operating in hard-to-reach-places (ESPs!), extreme conditions, and ATEX-zones
Detects +90% of mechanical and electrical faults early, up to months before failure
End-to-end system, that includes sensor and communication hardware, AI algortihms, and dasboards
Available across the globe, supported by partners like ABB and Siemens
Requires a cloud connection via 4G, Wi-Fi, or cable
Installation requires an hour of downtime per asset
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Oil and gas exploration and production, chemicals, water & wastewater, metals & mining
Condition Monitoring | Performance Monitoring | Energy Consumption Monitoring
Certifications / licences
ISO 27001 | ISO 9001
Hardware is CE and UL certified
Cabled Internet | Wi-Fi | 4G
Operating conditions
In Motor Control Cabinet: 0 - 50 Celcius | Humidity 0% - 80%
Gateway: 24/48v, 15.4W Switch: 24/48v, 65W (full load) Datalogger: Power over Ethernet via Switch.

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Samotics is a leading provider of real-time actionable insights to optimize performance and energy efficiency of AC motors and rotating equipment. An expert team of data scientists, software developers and technical specialists has developed an AI-driven platform that supports global industrial companies in reducing energy waste and unplanned downtime. Our customer base includes sector-leading players such as Anglian Water, ArcelorMittal, Nobian and Shell. Global partners include ABB and Schneider Electric. 

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