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Smartflow Apps

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Digitizing frontline operations

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Wednesday, August 4, 2021 - 11:42

Smartflow is a well-grounded cloud-based SaaS solution that digitizes paper-based inspections, operator rounds, SHEQ and maintenance processes helping industries to increase efficiency and logistics, ensuring safety, and reducing the frequency of downtime events. Smartflow allows businesses to design and implement their own mobile Smart Flows freely and easily, or to use already existing ones. We understand the magnitude of the industry's risks by conducting inspections in the traditional, highly-time consuming way. Our clients have chosen a mobile solution and support system like Smartflow because of the high necessity to revamp workflows, data collection, task management, maintenance management, and compliance.


Platform supports many frontline operations related processes and it can be integrated with all kinds of backend systems
Business users and consultants are able to create and deploy workflows fully themselves (Business platform - prescriptive low code - no code)
Shareable content
Can be integrated with IOT and Industry 4.0
One frontend for your connected workers instead of several point solutions
Reduce response time to critical issues
Increase the operators’ reliability
An agile workflow
Enhanced communication
Data saved in the cloud
Difficult to feed the forms with changing data from offline sources


Asset Management Cloud native SaaS solution (Azure) Auth0 compliant
Compliance Standardization and centralization can help accelerate the execution and the compliance of inspections, permits, and work orders.
Capabilities Integrates with IOT and Industry 4.0 Fully hosted in Microsoft Azure. Actuals & trend analyses Real time monitoring AI & ML.
ATEX Certified Our solution runs on and together with ATEX certified hardware, but we also support-non ATEX. Smartflow is an agnostic device which runs on windows, iOS and Android services.
Business efficiency integration with Azure BI SQL Data warehouse, gives you control over your data, regardless of whether or not you want to use Smartflow, and you can also build your own dashboard with your favourite BI tool.
Data Analysis Effectuates the execution of tasks | Reduces duplicated, redundant and wasted effort | Presents real time metrics and benchmarks.
Digitisation Digitized mobile workforce | Interactive & integrated dashboards | Digital asset life cycle management | Digital Operator Rounds Predictive maintenance | Digitized operations | Enterprise mobility solution | Wearables.

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About Smartflow

Since 2011, Smartflow has been innovating in the Mobile Enterprise Apps market. Smartflow digitises the critical processes of mobile businesses. This results in efficiency and cost savings because you have appy employees and customers, you have control over your data and you have a future-proof IT infrastructure. We focus on industry, more specifically on construction, infrastructure, installation technology, manufacturing companies, mechanical engineering, maritime and oil, gas and petrochemistry

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