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Structural Health Monitoring of Wind Turbines and Composite Materials Structures

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365 Days/year condition monitoring of wind turbine blades through photonic sensors and AI software

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November 25 2022

AI algorithms and data capture systems using photonic accelerometers and other optical sensors, enabling predictive and optimised maintenance and lifespan asset management of these blades.

Our structural health monitoring system for wind turbine blades helps wind park operators increase electricity production and decrease O&M costs by reducing the inspection and repair downtime during windy weather conditions. Our system enables predictive maintenance for new and previously installed turbines, unlike visual inspection during which turbines must be stopped or solutions not suitable for retrofitting.

We believe in the power of innovation to deliver on our responsibility to make our world a more sustainable place to live.


24/7 blade monitoring without wind turbine stoppage needed
enabling predictive maintenance procedures for blades
remote monitoring limits the number of people that need to visit an offshore wind turbine annually for O&M and inspections
Enables optimal planning of predictive maintenance to maximise production and minimise total costs
Direct Measurement capabilities currently not available yet


Areas of Application Leading Edge Erosion | Lightning Strikes
Capabilities Predictive Maintenance | Blades Condition Monitoring
Installation Easy to (Retro)fit | Close to Nacelle only
Monitoring & Reporting Real Time | Direct | Accurate | Distinguish Direct Vibration shifts

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Tarucca

Tarucca is helping wind park operators to increase electricity generating productivity, lower maintenance costs and reducing the need for scarce resources , keeping offshore wind energy sustainable.

Tarucca is delivering on this promise through tailored consultancy assignments, managing change projects and developing and implementing condition and structural health monitoring solutions and services for wind turbine blades.

In this way, Tarucca enables optimum predictive maintenance and asset management decisions.
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