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Fossil Free & CO2 neutral sustainable and affordable heating and cooling

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February 22 2024

A HoCoSto thermal energy storage system provides building owners and customers of small-scale collective heat networks with sustainable and affordable heating. The heat is generated by a sustainable energy source: by the sun, wind or residual heat. The excess heat is stored in an underground water buffer, to be used at times when there is no sun, wind or residual heat available.

HoCosto system
HoCoSto thermal storage in combination with a local heat network and HoCoSto energy management provides an affordable solution for communities of 40 up to 400 end-users. Consumers pay a monthly fee (fixed cost and the cost of effectively consuming heat) fixed for 20+ years. After all, consumers only pay for the system installation and its maintenance, that harvests free energy.

The storage consists of a simple and patented constructional spaceframe, creating an underground scalable volume filled with water. We store thermal energy in water, subsoil, without functional loss of the surface. The storage can be positioned under sport fields, parking lots, play gardens, etc. (multifunctional use).

Pros & Limitations
Fossil Free
CO2 neutral
Reuse of the surface for playground/parking lot/ etc after storage is placed underground
No concrete used, low CO2 footprint, easy to remove end of lifetime
Only recyclable materials used
Affordable monthly fee for users, collective system allows participation for those with fewer financial means
Some space, e.g. soccer field, parking lot, schoolyard is needed to place the buffer underground. Not suitable for big city centres.
Specification Title Specification Description
Fossil-free and Zero CO2 emission
By using PV or green electricity as auxiliary energy. Balances the electricity grid rather than stressing it (as most fossil free solutions do)
No concrete used
Easy to remove end of lifetime. Fully recyclable, no hybrid materials used
Fast implementation
Low carbon footprint in scope 1-2-3
Patented with two European patents, two more in filing process


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A HoCoSto Thermal Energy Storage creates new opportunities: sustainable heating of buildings and small-scale, collective heat networks.

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