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Quickly locate assets and people across your plant

Page last modified
March 14 2023

The VISICS tracking solution is based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags. It consists of a tag, carried by a person or asset, that exchanges data with a RFID reader through radio frequency waves. Special software collects the data for users to quickly and easily locate assets and people. Status and condition data of assets can be viewed in real-time, with a customized user interface to only see relevant information. This enables you to optimize the asset workflow and is an efficient use of resources.


Quickly and easily locate assets and people
Tracking raises your asset efficiency: it reduces lost, stolen or misplaced assets, which results in less new purchases
Save precious time of external hired workers who cannot continue their activities until a certain asset is in place
Know exactly where workers are and for how long, which ensures workplace safety, security, and accountability
You can view inventory levels at anytime and make sure valuable equipment is there where it is supposed to be
Operational challenges to issue the tags
Privacy issues due to continuous tracking


Asset management View inventory levels at any time and make sure valuable equipment is where it is supposed to be.
Business Efficiency Our RFID tagging solution helps you to increase efficiency while improving safety.
Data analysis Provides you with valuable information about (non-)productivity and gives you insights on how to improve Hands on Tool Time.
People tracking Enables you to know exactly where they are and for how long, which ensures workplace safety, security and accountability.
Reporting Using our dashboard application, it is easy to realize a thorough analysis of the data collected to gain valuable insights and improve future projects.
Technical support From our own state-of-the-art 24/7 support centre located in The Netherland, C3 (Configuration and Control Centre) we can safely, securely and remotely access and support any VISICS system anywhere and anytime.
Time on tools Provide insights into Hands on Tool Time (HoTT). It gives valuable information regarding (non-) productivity and what external factors cause non-productivity.

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About Access Technology Group

Access Technology Group (ATG) is an innovative Dutch company located in the centre of The Netherlands. As we sensed an increasing demand for mobile solutions, especially in heavy industries with a need for increased safety levels at lower costs, we developed VISICS – the innovative and mobile solution for safe and efficient maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns.

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