Canada is among the largest energy producers and the highest per-capita energy consumers in the world because of the Canadian climate and resources. Various trends indicate that also in Canada the energy transition is occurring. New technologies for example in the field of hydrogen are emerging and there is an increased attention for electrification of transportation, carbon capture, utilization and storage and waste to energy (bio gas).

We strongly believe that collaboration between Dutch companies and local partners in Canada can help both countries in accessing the maximum potential for transitioning to renewable energy production and usage by using most advanced and innovative solutions.

With this platform we aim to promote and support collaboration between Dutch companies and local partners in Canada. To help foster partnerships between our private sectors, with importance attached to sustainability and responsible business conduct. Together we create value added for our societies.

On this site you will be able to check for technologies provided by Dutch companies applicable to the Canadian market. You can use various filters to get an overview, or catalogue, for all technological solutions applicable to your business.

The Netherlands diplomatic network in Canada, with offices in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver is eager to support you. If you have any queries related on the energy sector, please contact us at: