Peru has been able to further develop and implement the TIMES energy system model with Dutch cooperation. This has led to forecast that by the year 2030, with the current installed capacity, demand would surpass offer.  Therefore, studies are being developed by the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru to forecast energy demand and supply for 2040 and develop further planning based on the TIMES scenarios.  Hydropower generation accounts for 85% of total electricity production, whereas 8.8% is thermal generated electricity. Electricity is also produced through solar and wind power and this accounts for 6.2% of the total. Peru is a signatory of the Paris Climate Agreement and the country is highly vulnerable to climate change, therefore there are substantial opportunities for a diversification of the energy matrix by developing  geothermal, wind, solar, etc.  Similarly, there are business opportunities for Dutch companies in energy R&D, energy storage, energy efficiency consultancy, smart grids & grid interconnectivity and green financing. The Netherlands diplomatic network in Peru is eager to support you. If you have any queries related to the energy sector, please contact us at: