Panama depends on oil for its energy and is a net importer of this fossil-energy resource. In order to meet the ambitions set out in the National Energy Plan 2015-2050, however, it needs to increase its renewable energy efforts. Developments have occurred in the past years regarding the solar and wind generation potential in the country. Panama currently has the largest wind farm in Central America with a 337 MW generation potential and will likely also have the largest solar energy plant in the Central American region.  Additionally, the Energy Secretariat, in collaboration with private sector organizations, is promoting the Energy Transition Law in the National Assembly. This law includes a shift towards electric mobility, a new hydrocarbon law that will reduce the dependence on this fuel and fully promotes a shift towards renewable energies. Developments in the regulatory framework as well as in the policies set out by the government should provide a positive indication to Dutch companies in these sectors.  The Netherlands diplomatic network in Panama is eager to support you. If you have any queries related to the energy sector, please contact us at: