Renewable energy had developed rapidly in Italy over the last decade and provided the country a means of diversifying from its historical dependency on imported fuels. Nowadays Italy occupies a leading position in Europe in renewable energy, which counts for over 18% of national energy consumption (2018); the country has already reached the national EU-2020 target (set at 17%). Almost 50% of the energy consumption is represented by hydropower, followed by solar, wind and bioenergy. Also in the field of energy efficiency, important in a lot of industries, Italy is making good progress. Innovative and sustainable technologies will have to make the difference. 

The Netherlands and Italy are facing similar environmental challenges, with the objective of making Europe energetically more sustainable. Dutch innovations and knowhow can assist Italian partners to further make the energy transition. This portal makes it easier to find Dutch innovations, but also companies, knowledge institutes  and other business partners that can provide solutions for the Italian energy market, especially in the fields of sustainable mobility, wind and bioenergy and oil & gas. As an end-user you can explore here technological advanced solutions applicable to your business.