Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia possesses the 2nd  largest proven oil reserves in the world and is among the world’s leading energy producers. Besides that, the country has impressive natural potentials for solar and wind power. The Vision 2030 includes an ambitious energy diversification strategy that focuses on renewables and a substantial increase of solar, wind power, waste to energy, geothermal energy, hydrogen as well as a nuclear power. The government aims to reform the energy sectors by removing subsidies and balancing renewable sources in the domestic energy mix.

Dutch innovations can assist in accessing these potentials competitively and sustainably. We aim to promote and support collaboration between Dutch companies and local partners in the Kingdom. The Netherlands has a solid track record in renewable energy sources and thanks to our maritime expertise, a strong position in the offshore energy industry. We seek to foster partnerships between our private sectors, with importance attached to sustainability and responsible business conduct. Together we create value-added for our societies.