Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a worldwide frontrunner in sustainability, climate action and energy transition; a living lab for renewable energy. The country’s electricity matrix is for 99 percent covered by renewables, including hydropower, solar, wind, biofuel, hydrogen and geothermal.  National policies focus on a green recovery, including a higher production of renewable energy and the use of both sustainable vehicles, such as electric, hybrid and hydrogen, and biofuels. The country strives to be a net zero-emissions economy by 2050. Costa Rica was the first in the world to establish a green-hydrogen ecosystem and hosted the first International Hydrogen Forum in 2018.  Like other countries in Latin America, it has a surplus of hydroelectricity during the raining season, this might be stored in hydrogen. Business opportunities for Dutch companies are in R&D, environmental-impact studies, energy-storage consultancy, circular economy, financial-feasibility studies, smart grids & grid interconnectivity, equipment, batteries & energy charging stations and green financing. The Netherlands diplomatic network in Costa Rica is eager to support you. If you have any queries related to the energy sector, please contact us at: