Mexico is the 4th largest oil producer in the Americas, 11th worldwide. It holds the 17th largest oil reserves in the world. Since the energy reforms in 2013 private and foreign investments in Mexico’s previously nationalized energy-market increased significantly. The reform capitalized on Mexico’s unique geographic location, which allows for effective exploitation of natural resources both on and offshore and provides business-opportunities for Mexican and International Oil Companies and related industries.

Through its innovative approach and expertise the Dutch offshore industry (innovation, technology, ICSR) and maritime sector (port development, oil and gas transport, logistics) can play a pivotal role supporting companies and make the sector more efficient, profitable and sustainable. Mexican laws require companies to have a certain percentage of local content. Dutch companies are known for their expertise in helping local companies to get certified according to international standards.

Mexico’s climatic conditions are internationally recognized as one of the most attractive ones for investments in renewable energy sources (mainly wind, solar and geometric energy), with a relatively low cost and high efficiency.

Mexican authorities promote sustainable transport. Dutch companies can provide expertise and products related to e-mobility for both public and private transport of people and cargo. 

On this website you will be able to check for technologies provided by Dutch companies applicable to the Mexican energy (Oil & Gas, Renewable, E-mobility) market. You can use various filters to get an overview, or catalogue, for all technological solutions applicable to your business.

The Netherlands diplomatic network in Mexico is eager to support you. If you have any queries related on the energy sector, please contact us at: [email protected].