Sweden is well positioned to be a strong country in the development of hydrogen. The country has a large and increasing share of renewable electricity production available, and has a stable electricity grid which is available all year-round. By 2045, Sweden targets to reach net zero greenhouse gases emissions and thereafter negative emissions, by creating new opportunities and strengthening existing industry.

Sweden and the Netherlands have a long-lasting history of commercial partnerships, and the advanced technology and infrastructure provide a great opportunity for cooperation. Consequently, collaboration in science, innovation and technology between Sweden and the Netherlands is strong.

Thanks to the proximity and the climate ambitions of both Sweden and the Netherlands, there are many business opportunities in the energy transition, particularly in the areas of hydropower, hydrogen, solar technology and battery technology.

Our aim is to promote and support collaboration between Swedish and Dutch parties in this context, emphasizing sustainability and responsible business conduct. On this site, you will be able to find technologies provided by Dutch companies. If you have any queries about the Dutch energy sector, please e-mail us at sto-ea@minbuza.nl.