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Sustainable Long Duration Energy Storage

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April 11 2024

AquaBattery's vision is to enable global energy transition to net-zero grid by commercialising the world's cleanest long duration energy storage solution. AquaBattery's novel technology is a flow-type battery, which stores electricity in saltwater. AquaBattery decouples power (kW) and energy (kWh), therefore providing unlimited storage capacity at low cost. By using saltwater, AquaBattery eliminates environmental, fire and health risks, and ensures a safe and truly sustainable battery with a long lifetime.

Pros & Limitations
Independently sizing power (kW) and energy (kWh) capacity
Unlimited storage capacity
Low cost of scaling storage capacity
Environmentally friendly and sustainable technology
Safe from fire, explosion or health hazards
Lower energy and power density
Specification Title Specification Description
Power density target
10 kW/m3
Energy density target
5 kWh/m3
RTE target
Energy shifting, T&D optimisation, Micro-grid optimisation, Peak shaving,


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AquaBattery is a Dutch deep-tech company, founded in 2014, commercialising the world’s cleanest long duration energy storage to enable global energy transition to net-zero grid. Our novel flow-type battery technology is storing renewable electricity in water and table salt. Unlike conventional lithium batteries, AquaBattery is using abundant and environmentally friendly materials and can offer unlimited storage capacity at low cost.

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