Green energy from plants

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Electricity generated by using plants and microbes with a Plant Microbial Fuel Cell

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April 11 2024

Plant Microbial Fuel Cell is the technology that Plant-e uses (patented technology) to generate electricity from plants to power for example sensors or LED lights. Most sensors and networks are powered by batteries, which are not exactly sustainable. In addition, there is not enough lithium available to continue producing all those batteries in the coming years. In addition, batteries must be replaced regularly. We are convinced that we can offer an attractive alternative through power from plants. Not only is our power source much more durable than a battery, once a Plant-e system has been installed, it also no longer needs to be replaced. Our power source works 24 hours a day and all year round. This allows us to collect and send data at any time via, for example, LoRaWAN or NB-IoT.

Pros & Limitations
Off -grid power supply
CO₂ capture while producing electricity
24 hour continous power generation
Combination with IoT sensors possible in remote area's without the need of changing batteries
Biological system that needs to have enough water
Specification Title Specification Description
Electron capturing technology
Plants capture CO₂, producing organic matter, which is used as feed by micro organisms. The produce electron which are captured by the Plant-e technology to create current so we can supply energy to LED lights or sensors.
Carbon Negative
Plants consume more CO₂ than they emit. As a result, electricity generated from living plants is the only CO₂ negative
Climate Control
green contributes to a pleasant (indoor) climate.
Multiple use of Space
In addition to food production, a rice field will have the added value of (decentralised) electricity production.


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Plant-e's mission is to provide a high-tech, nature-based solution by generating electricity with living plants. By using this technology, we can power stand-alone electrical equipment - such as lighting and sensors - without connecting to the electricity grid and wherever plants and water are available. At the same time, we reduce methane emissions and store CO₂ on. This makes us the only company in the world that produces CO₂negative power: clean, green and reliable.

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