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Rubber Hose Wear Scanner

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Wear measurement from outside, not inside

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Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 08:36

Rubber hoses are used to absorb shrink and expansion in rigid oil pipes, both floating pipes and ashore. Inspection and replacement of these rubber hoses is an expensive operation due to down time of pipeline and the cost of the rubber hoses. The visual inspections require the shut down of the pipe line and disassembly of the rubber hose to enable access to the interior of the hoses.

The solution is to apply a mesh of RFID inlays in the rubber layers. These RFID tags can be read by a mobile RFID reader from the outside of the rubber hose, without disassembly of the pipeline. The scanresults will produce information on the amount of wear and the position of thin spots in the hoses.

This solution will help save down time, costs of dissassembly and more efficient use of the rubber hoses.


Reduce pipeline downtime
Reduce inspection costs
Increase efficient use of hoses
Digitalization of inspections
The solution is in test phase. Hardware selection and basic RFID scan and print functionalities are available. We are looking for a project with an end user which leads to the development of the final product


Asset life extension Shorter inspection time and improved maintenance predictions may lead to more efficient use of rubber hoses.
Asset Management Improved management of your assets based on more specific measurements and data history.
Automation Digital recording of wall thickness and data history helps improve data analysis.
Cloud platform Web based software which is easy to access. Optional offline use of mobile readers in remote areas.
Cost Faster inspections without removing rubber hoses lead will lead to shorter down time of pipelines and reduced inspection costs.
Inspection Removing rubber hoses is no longer needed to measure wall thickness.
Maintenance Wall thickness measurement from outside, not inside.
Measurement Rubber hose wall thickness measurement from outside using a mobile reader.

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