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Worldwide chemical-technical cleaning on-site

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April 11 2024

The Vecom Group has been an specialist in chemical technical cleaning on-site (worldwide) for almost 70 years, but can also carry out cleaning in our metal laundries if required. The vast majority of on-site cleaning activities consist of regular activities without specific specialism. Vecom Industrial Services, on the other hand, focuses on customer and process-specific solutions and thus operates in niche markets

Pros & Limitations
Safety for people and the environment
Your one stop shop for chemical technical cleaning on site
In-house lab for customer or process specific solutions
Time efficient
Worldwide coverage
Restricted Accessibility during the actual cleaning process
Specification Title Specification Description
Pre-commissioning cleaning | Post-commissioning cleaning | Boiler cleaning | Cleaning of urea strippers | Pickling/passivating stainless steel systems | De-rouging | Pipe pigging
Areas of Application
Natural gas extraction | Pharmaceutical industry | Blast furnaces | Oleochemistry | Oil refining | Petrochemical | Paper manufacturing | Food industry | Water treatment
Certifications / licences
ISO 9001 : 2015 | ISO 14001 : 2015 | SHE Checklist Contractors (SCC) | SIR Certificate | CHAS (UK)
Customer Focus
Customers give Vecom an average of 9


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Vecom group has been a leader in metal surface treatment for over 70 years. Vecom aims to be the quality and service provider in metal surface treatment by combining knowledge and experience with flexibility and operational excellence, whereby safety, people and the environment are of paramount importance.

When it comes to metal surface treatment, we have the knowledge, skills and equipment to deal with chemicals, metals and waste stream in a responsible way. Metal surface treatment contributes to extend the economic lifespan of your asset.

The segments in which our clients' customers work include a.o. oil and gas, energy, (petro) chemical, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, water purification and shipbuilding.

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