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SOLO - Lightweight, truly Circular and Low Carbon footprint solar panels

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April 11 2024

Highly innovated solar panels which raises the bar of how solar panels should be produced. Because polymers are used instead of glass and aluminium the solar panels have a lower CO2 carbon footprint, the panel itself is 50% lighter and it is free of PFAS. Also, it is designed for circularity.

Pros & Limitations
Lightweight - 50% lighter than conventional PV modules
Circular - Designed for circularity
Low carbon footprint - up to 60% lower carbon footprint than with conventional PV modules
Made in EU
Limited supply chain - No glass en metal needed
New innovations require a lot of research and new certifications
Missing scale in the early phase
Specification Title Specification Description
Cell Type
M10 Mono PERC c-Si
Weight module
14,5 KG
Max Power (Pmax/W)


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At Solarge, we believe in the power of the sun for a livable earth. Using our solar panels is a sustainable way to generate electricity, even on roofs with less load capacity. The solar panels are produced with low CO2 emissions and are free of PFAS. In addition, they are fully recyclable, so that we can reuse all raw materials. Not only are we accelerating the energy transition, we are also making it sustainable.

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