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Efficiently Manage Distributed Energy Resources for Grid Stability and Cost Savings

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April 11 2024

Stellar is an advanced smart energy and virtual power plant management platform developed by Spectral. It integrates and controls renewable energy assets like solar, wind, and storage to maximize their value and enable new revenue streams. Stellar leverages AI and machine learning for predictive control of distributed energy resources. It can connect to any device via API and orchestrate thousands of assets in real time to deliver stacked energy services simultaneously, like frequency regulation and load shifting. Stellar optimizes based on real-time market pricing and grid conditions to steer assets to provide maximum economic value. It also optimizes the self-consumption of on-site renewable generation. The platform is built to be highly scalable, secure, and robust with redundancy. Stellar enables owners of solar, wind, batteries, EVs, and other Distributed Energy Resources to create virtual power plants that can bid into wholesale power markets or provide grid services to unlock the full flexibility value of distributed assets.

Pros & Limitations
Technology Agnostic
Stacked Energy Services
Predictive Control
Highly Scalable
Easy Integration
Robust & Secure
Specification Title Specification Description
Technology agnostic - Integrates any device or energy asset
Stacked energy services - Delivers multiple services simultaneously
Predictive control with AI-enabled algorithms
Highly scalable - Orchestrates thousands of devices
Ease of use
Easy integration via API
Robust and secure with built-in redundancy


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Spectral is an end-to-end system integrator and integrated platform solution provider in the smart energy domain. Based in Amsterdam, we are a purpose-driven tech company focusing on three key impact areas: Real Estate, Grid Infrastructure, and Renewable Energy Production & Storage Systems. Our mission is to accelerate the transition towards a 100% renewable energy system.

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