Torque wind turbine

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Small effective wind turbine that is scalable for the user to meet his own electricity demand

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April 11 2024

Torque wind turbines can produce scalable renewable wind energy electricity for agriculture farms, country side houses and companies. The towers can be equipped with internet antennas, satellite discs  weather stations and solar panels.

An other market would be renewable wind energy electricity for EV charging stations alongside Roads, Highways and Interstates. When the tower is equipped with 5G, Wi-Fi and satellite communication equipment it will become valuable for connected vehicles and with road observation cameras to support autonomous driving vehicles and pods.

Pros & Limitations
Using one or more Torque wind turbines can help reaching own electricity consumption year round. In combination with solar and batteries autonomy is possible.
Easy assembly at location done by local installer
Relatively low total height with no noise and sight pollution
To be combined with storage systems and the tower can be equipped with lights, solar cells, antennas, statelite discs, camera’s, etc.
The biggest size turbine is limited to a generator power of about 20 kW due to the rotating speed compared to the wind speed
Specification Title Specification Description
Operating Range
Vertical axle wind turbine in the range from 3 to 20 kW
Starts at wind speed of 2 m/s and has a Power coefficient of 40%
Produced in mass production, the required low cost price can be achieved, and the 1 billion number market be served
Torque wind turbines can be combined with solar and batteries to be able to scale the electricity production with IoT storage systems for year-round energy autonomy.
Instant Reaction
Reacts instantly on wind direction changes and wind speed changes


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The Torque Wind Turbine's dynamic blade design optimizes the conversion of wind energy while moving with the wind and minimizes the loss of energy while moving against the wind.

Unique in the world and developed for decentral electricity production near the consumer.

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