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Meet and work together in 3D from anywhere in the world

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April 11 2024

Why work with 3D data in a 2D world when you can with 3D?

BaselineZ provides easy and secure access to immersive 3D subsurface geoscience visualization and remote collaboration, allowing you to remove undue risks of 2D visualization, gain insights and reduce operational costs – using Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR). People from around the globe can meet and experience 3D Data at scale together, learn from other perspectives and make better informed decisions in less time.

Work and learn differently in a fun way.

Using Mixed, Virtual and Augmented Reality on a variety of mobile devices and headsets (like Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Quest, iOS and Android), we share 3D Geoscience models and content, directly in your own work environment, wherever you are on the globe.

The main concept of BaselineZ:

  1. Visualize your 3D Geoscience Models in Mixed, Virtual and Augmented Reality.
  2. Collaborate from anywhere around the globe with participating colleagues/stakeholders.
  3. Host 3D meetings and make better qualified decisions together in less time.
Pros & Limitations
3D immersive visualization
Walk through your Geoscience model at large scale
Scalable models for improved vision
Improved team collaboration
Increased people engagement
Improved decision making
Time and cost saving
Available on mobile, tablet and high-end headsets
Currently only supports Petrel (Schlumberger) and JewelSuite (Baker Hughes) - more data and application connectors can be built on request
Specification Title Specification Description
With anybody at any time anywhere using enhanced 3D visualization of Geological models in Mixed, Virtual and Augmented Reality.
Implementation Time
Can be used immediately, organizations might need some adaption for working with high end technology in Mixed, Virtual and Augmented Reality using private cloud services and custom data connectors.
Business Efficiency
Saving time and increasing quality as in depth reviews are easy to organize where complex decisions can be made. It is not only a great tool for the expert but it enables also management and other stakeholders together to get on the same baseline quickly.
Response Time
As BaselineZ is cloud based it enables all concerned to connect immediately and experience the benefits of enhanced 3D visualization and view complex models at a highly detailed level quickly.
Various devices can be used for collaboration, communication and visualization. From mobile phones, tablets (Augmented Reality) and 3D visualization devices like the Microsoft HoloLens (Mixed Reality) and Oculus Quest (Virtual Reality).
Cloud based enables collaboration and visualization all around the world, hooked up to industry standard applications like Schlumberger (Petrel) and Baker Hughes (Jewel Suite).

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With 25 years of experience in 3D Geological Reservoir Modeling in the Oil and Gas Industry, we are a software development company providing innovative cloud solutions and mixed reality experiences to optimize remote operational workflows.

We develop tablet and mobile apps, cloud based infrastructures and desktop applications. Using the latest technologies such as Microsoft HoloLens and Augmented Reality, we incorporate 3D Geological models into real-world environments to optimize the 3D modeling processes and team collaboration.

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