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Cost-effective entry-level variant for low-dust emptying of big bags with or without inliner

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April 11 2024

The compact connection system CAS is a cost-effective entry-level variant for low-dust emptying (up to AGW/OEL < 1,000 - 5,000 µg/m³) of big bags with or without inliner. The CAS is suitable for handling non-hazardous products in simple industrial, chemical, food or pharmaceutical applications.

The compact connection system is characterized by its easy handling. To empty, all you have to do is put the tied big bag outlet over the inner tube and clamp it with the sealing flange. The latter works with the two-hand lever technology. This ensures that the operator cannot crush his fingers between the sealing flange and the product guide tube when handled correctly. The big bag outlet can then be opened and the big bag can be emptied with minimal dust. With an optional WIP version with an integrated washing nozzle, the CAS can also be washed. The entire system, including the big bag, can be dedusted and/or evacuated via the suction nozzle.

Pros & Limitations
Easy handling
Cost-effective entry-level variant
Two-hand lever technology avoids the risk of crushing
Ex version possible
WIP version with integrated washing nozzle (optional)
Dedusting/evacuation via suction nozzle
Different sizes depending on the length of the product guide tube
Big bag attachment via side supports or arm holder from the back
Different materials
Specification Title Specification Description
areas of application
bulk handling
pharma chemical battery food waste
atex ehedg fda gmp
international guidelines on request


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Plant Partner B.V. is an engineering agency within the bulk material handling industry and is also involved in the common process equipment in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical industries, which often imposes extreme requirements, such as: High-containment (OEB6) or Hygienic conditions (EHEDG).

Our delivery program includes:

- Bulk goods handling (unloading, filling, dosing, transporting, containment up to OEB 6 level);

- Single-use technology (containment OEB 1-5, PE liners, endless liners, etc.);

- Solid-liquid separation (Nutsche filters, vacuum drying);

- Super centrifuges (decanter centrifuges with a vertical rotor rotating at 15,000G);

- Components (elements, valves, check valves).


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