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Re-use materialby solid-liquid separation

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The super centrifuges model is a vertical decanting tubular bowl turning at very high speed (15.000G mini).

This version, clarification, allows the extraction of very fine impurities suspended in a liquid phase with low concentration of solids. The high G factor is generating an important separation strength. The solid is settling and accumulating on the cylindric ferrule of the suspended rotor and the processed liquid is extracted completely clarified. When the rotor is full, the discharge of solid is done manually after stopping the equipment. We accumulates experience in various sectors from Biotechnology to waste treatments, including Pharmaceutical or Foodstuff industries. Our equipment is very easy to operate and require very low maintenance.

The model is equipped with full opening casing to lower the noise emissions, guarantee the safe operation of the centrifuge and make the extraction of the rotor easy from the front side according to the GMP requirements. This casing can be equipped with heating or cooling coils to either minimize heat transfer by the mechanical heat of the rotating rotor or to additionally warm the product up. From the safety point of view, they can be adapted to work in explosive hazardous area with the relevant certification or approval for the operating location. The super centrifuge can also equipped CIP and SIP system.

When required, auxiliary or complementary devices can be supplied.

Pros & Limitations
Re-use solids from your waste
The liquid is removable from the sludge
Sip en cip in place
Low noise emissions
Safe operations
Very low maintenance
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of application
Liquid and solid separation
Pharma chemical battery food waste
Capacity rated to customers request
Atex ehedg fda GMP etc.
International guidelines on request


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Plant Partner B.V. is an engineering agency within the bulk material handling industry and is also involved in the common process equipment in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical industries, which often imposes extreme requirements, such as: High-containment (OEB6) or Hygienic conditions (EHEDG).

Our delivery program includes:

- Bulk goods handling (unloading, filling, dosing, transporting, containment up to OEB 6 level);

- Single-use technology (containment OEB 1-5, PE liners, endless liners, etc.);

- Solid-liquid separation (Nutsche filters, vacuum drying);

- Super centrifuges (decanter centrifuges with a vertical rotor rotating at 15,000G);

- Components (elements, valves, check valves).


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