Containment sampling stick

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Sampling critical materials under the highest containment conditions up to OEB Level 5

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April 11 2024

The patent-pending containment sampling stick  is used for sampling critical materials under the highest containment conditions up to OEB Level 5. This new, mobile and cost-effective solution with an optional transport trolley enables sampling in just a few steps. The disposable system ensures safe and easy sampling of toxic, expensive or sensitive substances. The resource-saving process using lance technology reduces your investment costs for additional containment and ensures that cross-contamination is avoided.

  • An anti-wrinkle ring is placed on the container to be sampled to smooth the liner

  • The disposable sampler is firmly and securely bonded to the liner using a vacuum lance

  • The sample is removed from the container with the lance after the container has been pierced cleanly

  • Finally, the sample is welded and separated

Pros & Limitations
Unique patent pending system
Fast sampling t < 2 min
Sampling under containment conditions up to OEB Level 5
Disposable system
Mobile, cost-effective solution
Specification Title Specification Description
areas of application
bulk handling, sampling
pharma chemical battery food
capacity rated to customer request
atex fda ehedg gmp etc.
international guidelines on request


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Plant Partner B.V. is an engineering agency within the bulk material handling industry and is also involved in the common process equipment in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical industries, which often imposes extreme requirements, such as: High-containment (OEB6) or Hygienic conditions (EHEDG).

Our delivery program includes:

- Bulk goods handling (unloading, filling, dosing, transporting, containment up to OEB 6 level);

- Single-use technology (containment OEB 1-5, PE liners, endless liners, etc.);

- Solid-liquid separation (Nutsche filters, vacuum drying);

- Super centrifuges (decanter centrifuges with a vertical rotor rotating at 15,000G);

- Components (elements, valves, check valves).


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