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The containment sampling port CPP was developed for sampling under containment conditions up to OEB 5.

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April 11 2024

The containment sampling port CPP  was developed for sampling under containment conditions up to OEB 5. The filling takes place in wide-mouth bottles and can be checked visually until the desired filling level is reached. The filled bottle is discharged via the endless film. The containment sampling port can be easily combined with all common pike samplers such as slide or screw samplers.

  • A sample bottle is introduced into the sampling port through the push port
  • Another bottle is then inserted and pushed into the correct position using the push port lid. This means that the bottle that was introduced first can
    be removed from the lower port. The system is always sealed to the outside via the push port. 
  • The bottle can now be easily handled within the continuous film. 
  • The lid of the bottle is fixed in the lid holder, the bottle is unscrewed and screwed into the threaded connection of the downpipe. The filling can be checked visually. 
  • The bottle is then unscrewed from the threaded connection of the downpipe
    and screwed onto the lid, which is located in the lid holder. 
  • The bottle is discharged via the endless film.
Pros & Limitations
Unique patent pending system
Sampling under containment conditions (up to OEB4)
Easy to handle - no control or other media necessary
Optional: WIP cleaning possible
The bottle can be easily handled within the continuous film.
Specification Title Specification Description
areas of application
bulk handling, sampling
pharma chemical batterij food
capacity rated to customers request
atex ehedg fda gmp
international guidelines on request


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Plant Partner B.V. is an engineering agency within the bulk material handling industry and is also involved in the common process equipment in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical industries, which often imposes extreme requirements, such as: High-containment (OEB6) or Hygienic conditions (EHEDG).

Our delivery program includes:

- Bulk goods handling (unloading, filling, dosing, transporting, containment up to OEB 6 level);

- Single-use technology (containment OEB 1-5, PE liners, endless liners, etc.);

- Solid-liquid separation (Nutsche filters, vacuum drying);

- Super centrifuges (decanter centrifuges with a vertical rotor rotating at 15,000G);

- Components (elements, valves, check valves).


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